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​Jenna Herche

Born to a Caucasian father and African-American mother, and blessed with a Hispanic step-father in the early 80's, her perspective on the World has always been unique. Ambitious and driven, she has been a leader her entire life. She attended school full-time, was the Captain of the Cardinal Spellman High School basketball team and simultaneously managed Frank Bee Uniforms on a part-time basis. Since then, Jenna has been part of the industry in different facets for over a fifteen years.   

In addition to working and attending college full-time, she was the Administrative Assistant to Jamal Turner of M! and Mally's Angel's; an urban clothing line for women and their signature models. She was responsible for booking and coordinating shows, picking and prepping models, promoting the event in advance and capitalizing on leads following the show. She also moved product based on consignment, utilizing various marketing schemes.  

She ventured into club promotion with, then partner, Shelby Joyner and JABS Ent. in 2005. They championed club and comedy show promotion and had the pleasure of working with Capone, Smokey Suarez, T. K. Kirkland, Melanie Camacho, A.G. White, Omar the Comedian, RIP Michaels,  Gerald Kelly, Michael Blackson, Roz G, Drew Fraiser, A.J. Johnson and the late Rasheed Thurmond to name a few. They then promoted concerts at the Paradise Theatre in the Bronx; the newly renovated theatre had a capacity of 3,700. They catered concerts for Remy-Ma, Fabolous, Joe, Tank, Tyrese, Mo'Nique, Trey Songz and Patti LaBelle. Her key responsibilities were to promote and coordinate press. Additionally, she fulfilled the role of stage manager and catered to the riders specific to the talent.  

Following his release, she managed New Bronx City artist and activist Mysonne Linen for two years. Artist management was new to her yet she identified his target audience and focused promotion on that demographic, all before social media existed. She was successful in booking shows and acquiring marquee talent for collaborations.

In the same breath, in May 2014 she bought her innovative thinking to the Damatrix Studios; an internet based radio station in the Bronx. She harnessed street and social media promotion, created the Press Day (now renamed the "Influential Spotlight", booked talent across the network and handled public relations. She also co-hosted several shows during her tenure there; "Brooklyn CIN", "Saturdays with Sos & Jay",  "Saturdays with Jay" and "SaturJays with Chef Nere". In February 2015, she resigned from her administrative position at DSN to pursue various professional opportunities independently. Ultimately, her relationship with the station came to an end in June and the show was shot independently on location to wider acclaim; footage is found on the website and YouTube under SaturJays. Her partnership with Chef Nere ended in late 2015 in her pursuit of other ventures.

Jenna has also tried her hand in acting in 2016. She had a brief role in the finale of Money & Violence; she was also the Assisting Executive Funding Producer for season two. That same year, she was the Executive Producer and Co-Host of PaperRock Live on DTF Radio. PPL featured hype-man Spliff Star and highlighted recognized talent specific to Hip Hop and the culture. Her main responsibilities were booking the talent, creating the graphics, promoting pre-show and post show, creating and maintaining content and catering to the guests; drinks and home-cooked meals were part of every show.  After their contract was up with DTF Radio, Spliff Star relocated back to Atlanta and Jenna took him on as a client. As his manager,  she has been responsible for curating is website and creating opportunities for him with respect to press and work' she also built his Wikipedia page. 

She is currently the manager and publicist for the Legendary DJ Jazzy Joyce as of May 2017. Her primary focus has been to re-brand her client and focus on all of her talents, not just music. DJ Jazzy Joyce is an engineer, producer, DJ, pioneer and artist with over 30 years in the Hip Hop industry.  Jenna has championed her promo run and has solidified a strategic agenda for the remainder of 2017. There are several projects in the works and are under wraps; she is confident that it will modify the culture for the better. 

She is the Co-founder to; a virtual marketplace that enables minority owned businesses to be more main stream; her partner Aaron Williams, is meme-maker Petty Post. She has partnered with Robert Gray of Hood 2 Hood Radio and created; a site geared to assisting corporations with  like-minded spokespeople; internet and guerilla marketing are also a key focus. 

With her experience in key components of the industry, she has found herself in a position to assist in artist development and strategic marketing. She has also utilized her insight to contribute to various columns across several platforms; most recently, The Grynd Report. 

making minority owned businesses mainstream